“the death of a salesman” and Less by Andrew greer.

A comparison essay that “the death of a salesman” and Less by Andrew greer. Use quotes and articles that you found online, prompt: During his 1963 interview with LIFE Magazine, James Baldwin said, “You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read.” Throughout this school year, we have read texts by marginalized authors from the United States (Oscar Wilde the exception) and studied how their words have given attention to the power struggles that have shaped, and are currently shaping, our country; they have taught us that pain and torture serve as currencies for freedom and privilege. In a well-written essay, compare one of the novels or novellas that we have read in class to a contemporary classic novel, analyzing how the two works address social justice, war and violence, racial inequality, sexism, or homophobia and closeted spaces. A good essay will incorporate at least two outside scholarly articles that add depth to the writer’s analysis of the two works, providing further cultural and historical context for the setting of the two novels being discussed. All essays must be written in MLA format and should be no more or less than five, full pages (works cited page is not included in page count).

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