Discusses the following: Now that your games are ending or have already ended, what is your overall impression of the games that you played? Coming into this assignment, many of you did not know much, if anything, about these types of games. Think about all of the various things you needed to learn how to use, read, speak, and understand in order to do so. How well do you think that played into the execution of your game? Do you feel that you were able to pick up on the needed lexicon and activity requirements to participate? As a player, how did your character end up? What’s the final end of your role in this game? Did you find yourself getting more ‘in character’ as the game progressed and you made choices, versus when you started and wasn’t sure about what you were doing? Is there anything you would have liked to do differently, or choices you might make if you were given the chance to play a game like this again? Finally, how did your overall group do in terms of executing the task required? One thing noticed by observing your groups is that many groups started reluctant and fractured, but ended up coalescing and working well together; alternatively,  some groups that seemed energetic and unified at the beginning of the game became less and less cohesive as the exercise continued. Why do you think that is? If you were to guess, what would be the one thing that caused your group to work well or splinter as the event went along?

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