1. The Employee Credit Union at Directional State University is planning the allocationof funds for the coming year. ECU makes four types of loans and has three additionalinvestment instruments. Each loan/investment has a corresponding risk and liquidityfactor (on a scale of 0-100, With 100 being the most risky/liquid). The variousrevenue-producing instruments are summarized in the table below: ——-_-_——.fi-.-———-_ ——‘_-_—‘—-_— Corporate stock fund 60 90Co norate bond fund 50 80 ECU has $2,000,000 available for investment during the coming year. However, statelaws and pesky stakeholders impose certain restrictions on choice of investmentinstruments. Risk-free securities may not exceed 40% of total funds available forinvestment. Unsecured loans may not exceed 10% of total funds invested in loans. Thefunds invested in automobile loans must not be less than the total of funds invested in furniture and other secured loans. The avera e risk factor ma not exceed 60, and theaverage liquidity factor must be at least 40. h. (14)