The Husband Stitch

The Husband Stitch: 1. In her essay, “Under Western Eyes: feminist Scholarship and Colonial Discourses”, Chandra Mohanty writes: “The relationship between ‘Woman’—a cultural and ideological composite Other constructed through diverse representational discourses (scientific, literary…)—and ‘women’ –real, material subjects of their collective histories –is one of the central questions the practice of feminist scholarship seeks to address.” What is the significance of the ribbon in Machado’s short story “The Husband Stitch” ? How do the stories foreshadow the ending of “The Husband Stitch”? Select 2-3 examples. Reflect on those examples to offer your own analysis of whether you think the story perpetuates traditional images of women or helps create new images of women in literature. Feel free to choose your own theme. Whatever perspective you take to analyze the story, make sure that it is YOUR interpretation of the narrative and that you integrate/reflect on Mohanty and Lore to offer your views of the story. Eight Bites: 1 page reflection. 2. “Who know where we got it from, though—the bodies that needed the surgery” (151). What role does surgery play to carve a new body? Do you think the narrator exercise an agency in her desire to carve a new body or does she succumb to popular perceptions of large bodies. Make sure you offer your own critique to the story.

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