Students will need to review Chapters 6-13 before they begin writing Case Review 2. This assignment will require at least FIVE external sources. Henrietta’s Tumor Henrietta Lacks’ ‘Immortal Cells ‘Henrietta Lacks’: A Donor’s Immortal Legacy and Excerpt: ‘The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks,’ Prologue Questions: 1. Provide background information about the case of Henrietta Lacks. 2. Explain two key ethical issues affecting the Henrietta Lacks case. 2B. Include whether these ethical issues outweigh the benefits of scientific discovery. 3. What were the laws regulating the use of a patient’s bodily tissue for medical research around the time Henrietta Lacks was receiving cancer treatment; and what laws currently determine ownership of bodily tissue? 4. Who should own discarded body tissue? These questions should help you frame your summary/conclusion. Guidelines of Assignment • Include (APA style) Cover Page, Abstract, Main Body of paper, Summary or Conclusion and Reference Page. • Your Paper must be a minimum of 3 pages. It should include the following: • Title Page – this does not count as a page • Abstract (start page numbering) – this does not count as a page • Introduction – Body of paper – Summary (minimum of 3 pages) • Reference List – this does not count as a page • Use subheadings to signal a new segment in your writing. Subheadings guide the reader from key point to key point. • Use 1-inch margins. • Use a professional font (11 or 12 pt). • Include an APA style Running Head. • Double space • Page numbers • Include an abstract (APA style is between 150-250 words, double spaced). • Include an APA Cover Page. • Your writing must be original. This means you must cite outside sources if used in your paper. Do not copy any text verbatim. Try to summarize in your own words and then cite from where the idea came. Use proper quotations and citations when quoting a text. • Save as a .docx or .doc formatted file • Name File: YourFirstNameYourLastName_Legal_CaseStudy_2Final • Upload your paper into SAFE ASSIGN and include your name and the assignment • For example: SteveJones_Legal_CaseStudy_2Final • You must submit your paper to SAFE ASSIGN. Late submissions will not be accepted. • Note that SAFE ASSIGN only allows for one submission. • Once you have submitted your paper to SAFE ASSIGN, the software will scan its database and generate a percentage match for your paper. If your paper reaches a 30% match threshold with another text or paper, you will receive a 10-point reduction from your final grade. Egregious matches of 50% or more will be treated as a form of plagiarism. This means do not plagiarize or heavily paraphrase in your papers.

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