The legal challenge mounted by Terry Bollea

Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press This film focuses on the legal challenge mounted by Terry Bollea (a.k.a. Hulk Hogan) against a news organization called Gawker. Bollea argued that as a result of his privacy being violated by the airing of a clip from that sex tape, he was defamed and suffered emotional harm. Some of the themes of this film include the following: What should be the balance between the need for a free press versus the rights of an individual to have their privacy protected? What kind of information is legitimate in a free society? Does a “gossip” outlet deserve the same kind of First Amendment protection as a “serious” news outlet? In a society where there is so much information about everyone in the public domain, where is the boundary between public versus private? In this case, Bollea argues that his privacy was violated. And yet, his life was the substance of a reality TV show. Further, the sex tape that he objected to Gawker posting was one that he had discussed with Howard Stern on air. Should rich individuals be able to use their money and power to destroy media outlets? What concerns are raised by the idea that a media outlet cannot survive without multi-billion dollar corporate entities funding them and protecting them? After watching this film, offer your reflections on the following. Do you think that the free press as we know it is under threat? What do you make of Peter Thiel’s financial support of this case and his motive behind his support? If you live in another country (or are familiar with the status of the press in other countries), how free is the press in your country and what do you make of this story? What was your greatest takeaway from this film? Format for Response/Reflection Paper: Two pages (minimum) (can write more rather than less) Double spaced Times New Roman 12 pt font Separate cover page May use additional research to write a full two pages

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