The Leonard’s is a Korean restaurant chain founded in 2017 that specialises in Korean fried chicken
and beer. Leonard’s has three branches in Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra). Their
product range includes different types of fried chicken, Korean rice, burgers, salads, beer and
beverages, and desserts.
You are Anthony Mcpel, a business analyst who works for the Leonard’sin their Research and Analysis
department. You have received an email from the Head of Analytics, Nimish Rayan, asking to perform
some data analysis on a dataset provided to you. The email making this request alongside some
guidelines (in blue) is presented below. Consider these comments carefully.
To: Anthony Mcpel
From: Nimish Rayan – Head of Analytics
Subject: Analysis of Customers
Dear Anthony,
The senior management team is awaiting reports on the following projects:
1. Project 1: Leonard’s customers’ spend analysis
The data set includes a random sample of 400 Leonard’s customers. Build a multiple regression
model to predict the amount spent per transaction. Your model should provide insights into
what factors influence spent amount per transaction as well as the ability to predict spent per
transaction for various scenarios.

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