“The Metamorphosis”

 In class, we will read The Metamorphosis and several articles responding to it. Use the information in these articles to analyze The Metamorphosis from the perspective of a school of literary theory (ex. New Historicism, Biographical, etc.). You can find brief descriptions of the schools of theory in Chapter 9 of Reading and Writing about Literature. Example: Read the selections by Kafka’s contemporaries. How did the philosophical and artistic movements of this time period affect the novel or give readers a new way of understanding the themes? How is Kafka doing something similar to or different from the other philosophers and artists? Requirements Length: 4-6 full pages (not including the works cited page) Content: MUST be thesis driven. Include minimal plot summary (maximum 1 paragraph). Format: MLA—Include a Works Cited page. Required Sources: It must incorporate research from at least two sources in addition to the novel (There will be at least three sources on the Works Cited page). Use at least one article from the Texts and Contexts or Criticism sections of the Norton Critical Edition. If you use dictionaries and/or general encyclopedias (this includes Wikipedia) as references, they do not count toward your two sources, but they should be included on the Works Cited page. Sources that focus on summaries (such as SparkNotes, etc.) and online paper mills (like GradeSaver) are not acceptable sources. Academic level resources are best found on the library databases; JSTOR and ProQuest Literature Online will be most relevant for this project.

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