The Most Human Art

purpose: the goal of this assignment is to enhance your critical thinking skills. in doing so, you should be able to show your favorite story( book, movie, television show) is relevant and important to human beings. explain the significance of your story through two out of sanders’s ten reasons. in other words, the assignment calls for both cultural and self-examination and the ability to communicate the product of that examination to a reader. Task: choose a favorite story. read “THE MOST HUMAN ART” and pick two of his reasons in order to explain how your story fulfill? the paper must be four paragraphs, have a works cited for Sanders’ article, and include at least one in-text citation(Quote) the introduction paragraph should summarize the basics plot of your chosen story and main idea of sanders’ article. this first paragraph should end with a cleat main idea statement. the second paragraph should discuss your chosen story with regard to one of sanders’ assertions for why we need stories. basically why is your story important and meaningful? the third paragraph should discuss a second reason out of Sanders’ ten reasons for why your favorite story is significant for human beings. the essay needs to have a fourth, conclusion, paragraph. SANDERS’ 10 REASONS Direction: Top 10 reasons why we’ll always need a good story by Scott Russell Sanders, below this i wrote 2 out of Sander’s ten reasons because you will be using only 2 out of Sanders’ ten reasons. First, stories create community. they link teller to listeners, and listeners to one another. this is obviously so when speaker and audience share the same space, as human have done for all but the last few centuries of our million-year history; but it is equally if less obviously so in our literate age, when we encounter more of our stories in solitude, on page or screen. when two people discover they have both read Don Quixote, they immediately share a piece of history and become thereby less strange to one another. also the strongest bonds are formed by sacred stories, which unite entire peoples. Thus Jews rehearse the events of passover; christian tell of miraculous birth and death and resurrection; Buddhists tell of Gautama meditating beneath a tree. as we know only too well, sacred stories may also divide the world between those who are inside the circle and outside, a division that has inspired pogroms and inquisitions in wars. there is danger in story as in any great force. if the tales that captivate u are silly or deceitful, like most of these offered by television and advertising, they waste our time and warp our desires. if they cruel, they make us callous. if they are false and bullying, instead of drawing us into a thoughtful community they may lure us into an unthinkable herd or, worst of all, into a crowd screaming for food in which case we need other, truer stories to renew our vision. Second: stories help us to see through the eyes of other people. here my list overlaps with one compiled by Carol Bly, who argues in ” six Uses of Stories” that the foremost gift from stories is “experience of other” for the duration of a story, children may sense how it is to be old, and the elderly may recall how it is to be young; men may try on the experience of women, and women those of men. through stories, we reach across the rifts not only of gender and age, but also race and creed, geography and class, even the rifts between species or between enemies. Folk tales and myths often show humans talking and working with other animals, with trees, with rivers and stones, as if recalling or envisioning a time of easy commerce among all beings. helpful ducks and cats and frogs, wise dragons, stolid oaks, all have lessons for us in these old tales. of course no storyteller can literally become hawk or pine, any more than a man can become a women; we cross those boundaries only imperfectly, through leaps of imagination. ” could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?”

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