The Potential Marketing Strategy of MOGADISHU, SOMALIA

Brief: • You are asked to prepare a management report that analyses and evaluates —The Potential Marketing Strategy of MOGADISHU, SOMALIA • Come up with a marketing strategy, and not using the existing strategy entirely of the country and particular destination selected within (only as possible source for the bibliography). However, you can use other countries’ ideas similar to Somalia, Mogadishu. • BE UNIQUE AND CREATIVE, RELEASE YOUR IMAGINATION. HOWEVER, IT SHOULD BE FEASIBLE!! • ONLY ONE DESTINATION WITHIN THE COUNTRY, NOT THE WHOLE COUNTRY! • After your introduction —and scene setting • You will have the main body of work that refers to the issues previously highlighted • Avoid long descriptive narratives • Reports are made up of short snappy paragraphs • Therefore you need to have some basic information to work with and thereafter consider potential arguments that show how you have evaluated the information • You need to make reasoned arguments • this is not a right or wrong scenario — make your arguments as appropriate • I am looking for 30+ academic citations • I cannot emphasise enough — evaluate and analyse the information

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