Watch/review the “THE Project Vision Video” offered by the West Michigan Project Management Institute: Please confirm you are watching the correct video. If the assignment doesn’t make sense to you, it may be that your browser is redirecting you to the wrong video. The title at the top should say -THE Project Video “Vision”. The video frame shows a man in a red tie. About 15 seconds into the video, the first speaker is Kelly Talsma, PMP, VP Education WMPMI. If you would like additional details on “The Project”, the “2012 Summary Video” is excellent as well. It is found at the same link as above. (4:43) Read/review the Defining Citizenship and Civic Engagement piece at: Consider how the definitions from this article apply in “The Project” competition. Create an appropriate subheading for each of the four questions. Then provide your answer (for each question) that fully examines, assesses, or compares the required information. To earn full credit, answers must address the requirements from the rubric. (See rubric in the Syllabus area.) The paper must be 4-5 pages total length. In addition, a cover page and reference page are required. Davenport University requires APA format for papers.

Research the topic of “The Project” – Becoming Corp B Certified. What is the value of a company becoming a certified B Corporation? What economic, social and environmental factors are a part of this issue?


As a member of the West Michigan PMI Chapter, you have volunteered to lead a team that will identify and present three potential topics for next years competition. Choose at least two tools your team will use to identify assets and needs in the community. Explain how you will use the results to choose possible topics for future competitions. Scenario Cont.: Examine ways in which your tools can ensure you have the diversity needed for meaningful participation from the community. Consider the topic of The Project 2012 and potential topics for future competitions. Assess the potential impact of the competition to the local community. How is project management contributing to improving the local community?

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