The Role of Fathers in Fun Home and Maus

To fulfill this assignment, you are required to write three to four pages on a topic, narrative/visual element, or a theme as it appears in TWO texts that we have discussed in class so far. You can include one of the texts you handled in your first essay. Be as specific as possible in developing your argument about the ways in which the two texts of your choice are similar or different. Rather than handling the entirety of the two texts, focus on a specific aspect of each text and use it as the basis of your comparative analysis. In building your argument to compare the two texts, you should take into consideration both narrative as well as visual elements to discuss the similarities and differences between the two graphic narratives you are focusing on.  Close reading requires going beyond general themes or historical context, delving instead into the details of a text’s sentences and passages. That is, you have to make direct reference (whether through direct quotation or paraphrasing) to certain panels, imagery, or sentences in the text, analyzing, for instance, how the author or illustrator uses certain techniques prevalent in the comics genre, such as the use of symbolism, closure, conversation balloons, or emphasis. Make sure that you are fully familiar with these techniques and terms before analyzing the way they are used in the text you are focusing on. Make sure that your essay revolves around a clear and well-articulated thesis statement that presents a debatable point of view or an argumentative standpoint. What this means is that your paper should develop a specific claim or argument related to two texts we have read so far in class, using specific references and quotes from these texts you are focusing on to back up your argument. You can also use these close readings to engage with and develop some questions that you want to raise in class or might want to pursue later on in the final paper. The essay should be typed (Times New Roman 12 Font), should follow MLA style citation and formatting. 

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