The role of music in the life of Africans

Select a topic of your own based on the term’s theme: The role of music in the life of Africans. Use a specific West African country as an example. Paper Length and Format • Music 444: 1500 (+/-100) words • You are not graded on paper length per se, so do not pad your paper just to make it longer. If your paper is too short, you probably have too many assertions and too little evidence. • You are required to have five sources, three of which MUST be academic/scholarly/peer reviewed. Two sources can be popular depending on your topic. • You must use the five sources in the form of quote(s), paraphrase(s), and/or summaries. • Online sources must come from reliable websites. • All sources must be high quality and relevant. • Double-space your writing. • Print on both sides of the page and a font of at least 12 points. • Give your essay an appropriate title (not “Research Essay”). • The paper must strictly follow APA or MLA citation style. • Please refer to instructions on paper format, including procedures for APA or MLA citations. • This essay is worth 25% of your mark.

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