The task:

a. choose a relevant legal case pertaining to corporate governance issues(senior management fraud/gross negligence/mismanagement etc) which caused significant loss to the shareholders of the company. The case should be fairly recent(within the last 20 years) and from ENGLISH LAW. b.Research the case in depth c.The common law chosen has to be explained in your own words- i)detailed introduction of the topic in terms of concepts covered during the course-include corporate governance and company directors’ duties in the UK. ii)the facts of the case in sufficient detail iii) The ruling /judgement by the court, penalties awarded.


iv) The statutes relevant to the topic to be briefly outlined in terms of only their most important or main aspects pertaining to the topic. v) your critical analysis of the case with reasoned explanations and arguments in terms of your learnings from the course. Support the same with relevant examples/ evidence from case law vi) a summing up and proper conclusion You are expected to support your work with sources from the literature and use Harvard referencing style as appropriate, in text and in the list of references at the end of your assignment. Font:times new roman headings and subheading font size:14 points, and the rest of the text 12 points.

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