Subject: Criminology Format: ASA (American Sociological Association) This topic examines the intersection between inequality and criminal justice. The main arguments is the social inequality and prejudice that Aboriginals experiences to how they are profiled in the Canadian Criminal Justice system. The paper must be 4-pages (12 font, double spaced, 1 inch margins). Format ASA (American Sociological Association). Be sure to cite all sources appropriately. You must have a minimum of 4 sources. Please remember, your essay should have a clear thesis (or argumentative statement). For example, you might argue that implicit biases in the form of stereotypes lead the police to target Aboriginal males. Your thesis could then be “In this paper I argue that Aboriginal males are disproportionately stopped, searched and questioned by the police because officers hold implicit biases associating Aboriginals with criminality.” The body of your paper would then set out to provide evidence in support of your argument, perhaps first using data to establish disproportionate rates of police stops amongst the target group, providing evidence that police officers hold these biases or stereotypes (this could be from interviews or surveys with police officers, for example), and finally you could use qualitative data from Aboriginals to provide further evidence that they are stereotyped (they may have been called names or have been singled out of large crowds by officers). You have to research the different effects of this group’s resources, location, history, and cultural background as well as other underlying factors that plays a part for the cause of the high level of offenders. Look into the factors that promotes crime among Aboriginal people that are shaped based on their family background, poverty, childhood experiences, and the amount of exposure to violence. 

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