The story of the Book of Daniel is set during the time of the

The story of the Book of Daniel is set during the time of the

2. The story of the Book of Daniel is set during the time of the _____. (p. 69)

3. A non-Hebrew person, a Moabite, who said to a Hebrew “Where you go, I will go…your God shall be my God.” (p.67; learn the famous   quotes, hint)

 5  She tries to save the Jews from a Persian plot to kill them and ends up  starting a war. (p. 67; what does she have in common with the figure of


  • The majority of Psalms in the Old Testament are of this type. (pp. 60-1; what does it mean?)
  • This OT book has strong resembles to wisdom literature found in Egypt. (p. 63)
  • One of the latest books of the OT written around the time of the Maccabean Revolt 160 BC. (p.58)

 11  The “Gospel of Mark has a voice from heaven speak the line from the  royal (coronation) Psalm 2:7 “You are my son; today I have begotten   you” at the time of Jesus’ __. (p.60)

 13  The OT requires next of kin to take a dead Hebrew’s ___. (p.67)

  • He was “blameless and upright” and yet he suffers. (pp. 63-4)
  • The “Wisdom” Literature of the OT is based on the very human experience of the ____. (pp. 62-3)

 19  This OT book has a copy of the original “Edict of Cyrus” in which the

Persian King allowed the Hebrews to return from Exile in Babylon to   Jerusalem. (p. 70)

 22  “Clouds and thick darkness surround him/righteousness and justice are  the foundation of his throne.” (Psalm 97: 2) What kind of   PARALLELISM is in this Hebrew poetry? (pp.58-59; be ready to apply   this concept to Hebrew poetry.)

 24  In the OT, “satan” is usually a human being, whose purpose and name  means ____. (p.64)

  • His donkey talks to him in Numbers 22. (p.64)
  • The book of the OT called the “Song of Songs” is ______ poetry. (p.61)


  • “He who obeys instructions guards his life/ but he who is contemptous of his ways will die.” (Proverbs 19: 11) What kind of PARALLELISM is in   this verse of Hebrew poetry? (pp. 58-59; requires you understand &   apply the concept.)
  • The OT forbids farmers to harvest the ____ of their crops. (why? pp. 67- 8)

 4  This could not leave the family by OT law. (p.68)

 6  The “Gospel of Matthew” uses the line from the royal (coronation) Psalm  110:1 “The Lord said to my lord `Sit at my right hand until I make your   enemies your footstool” to describe Jesus’ ____. (p. 60)

 10  This OT book is the teaching of a pessimistic old teacher. Everything  that seems a big deal to normal people is just more “vanity of vanities.”

(This is a famous quote–know it, hint, hint; p.66)

 12  Means “to reveal or uncover” –it is a type of religious literature. (p. 69)

  • The Book of Daniel tells of the foreign king Antiochus _____ who tried to destroy the Hebrews and intentionally polluted their temple. (p. 69)
  • Psalms of Zion (one type of psalm) talk about the importance of this. (p. 59)

 18  The Book of Daniel was actually written during the time of the _____  dynastay around 150 BC (use the time line; p. 69)

  • Daniel, of the Book of Daniel, has a lot in common with this other OT (p.69)
  • One of the primary images of “Wisdom” in the OT is in figure of a

_____. (p. 63; what kind?)

 23  How many “friends” did Job have? (p.65)

 25  The book of the OT called “Lamentations” is Hebrew poetry about  _____. (p.61; when was it written?)


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