Description In a 5-7 page paper, draw on the framework of Catholic moral theology discussed in this class (principles including the components of the moral act, virtue ethics, the natural law tradition, and Biblical morality) to analyze the moral nature of a subject of your choice regarding sexual morality or human life. Engage the following questions: Is this practice moral or immoral? Why? What objections can you foresee to your argument? How would you respond to these objections? Utilize the readings from class and draw on outside sources as needed. The goal of this assignment is to encourage you to critically evaluate moral arguments in light of a deeper understanding of the Catholic intellectual tradition (standards based in faith and reason) and gauge your capacity to do this effectively. You can integrate scientific and sociological arguments into your paper but you must effectively analyze the issue from a theological perspective. Details: 12 pt. font Double spaced Proper citations (footnotes or parenthetical references; use at least 4 scholarly sources).

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