thoughts about t shirt travels

Thoughts About T-Shirt TravelsClothes, including t-shirts, are worn everyday by people, which is why they take the important details about it for granted.

All the public see are the finished product hanging on racks in posh boutiques and mall stores. Majority of the public are not aware where the material of the clothes come from or who made the it or what process it had to go through before it was even labeled and tagged with a price that most of the clothes’ workers cannot even dream of having.Personally, it is important to learn where all things come from and what process they had to undergo to become as such, like clothes. Clothes provide us the comfort to go out to the world everyday.

It gives us the power to be who we are and aid us in doing our everyday tasks. Because it is used everyday, some people tend to forget to go back to the basics. The t-shirt travels demonstrate just how much people do not know and should know about the whole process of cloth making. The author, Pietra Rivoli, makes an important point in saying that the whole t-shirt business is due to globalization.

Although globalization is important for development and growth, people still need to make sure that this does not violate human rights and labor laws. Another important note that the author points out is the increasing use and trade of recycled clothes that are shipped to different parts of the world, especially in poor countries.The t-shirt travels tackles important points clothing businesses, commodity, and labor issues, which make it worth reading. It will help the public become more aware of what is going on in this industry, and this is significant because it help them appreciate the clothing business better.

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