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La Trobe University is facing some challenges when it comes to attracting postgraduate students. Domestically, the challenge is that current undergraduate students/alumni might consider an honours degree but not a master’s degree or PhD. Internationally, LTU faces fierce competition of other universities, particularly on the Asian continent. Through improving their digital marketing strategy, they want to increase the feelings of need for a postgrad degree domestically and raise brand awareness overseas. Your task is to develop the digital marketing strategy plan for this.
You need to investigate LTU’s current situation around the attraction of postgraduate students: review competitors, successes and challenges. An important aspect is to listen to what the organisation wants to achieve (goals). You then design digital strategies and tactics on how to tackle these challenges and reach LTU’s goals (using the RACE framework) and implement/action it. The timeline for the plan is 12 months and the maximum budget is $50,000.

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