Assessment Information 


This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes: 


An understanding of the reasons why, and the importance of, international business in economic, social and political terms. 

Appreciate the various ways in which international business can be conducted eg. trade and investment. 

Recognise some common types of contracts of carriage of goods by sea. 

Realise the impact of certain international trading /business organisations and assistance rendered to businesses. 

Ability to conduct research on contemporary issues 

This assignment requires you to:  


Critically discuss the impact of globalization on international business in term of BREXIT and it causes, how it affected the globe, who have been affected, the loses, the benefits, outcomes for globalization and international trade.

Criteria for Assessment 

Clearly written, coherently structured and well-referenced presentation.

Evidence of individual research;  

Depth of analysis of the subject matter 

Practical examples to demonstrate points raised 

An objective justification of points argued and personal views expressed 


Word Count is 2000 (The word limit excludes the bibliography, references and citations.) 


Coursework Style 

(most important)  

You must follow the style below as part of the assessment criteria. You will lose marks if you do not 

follow these guidelines when preparing your coursework. 


Primary and secondary sources 

· Distinguish clearly between primary sources (the original source of the law, e.g., a case) and 

secondary sources (a commentary or explanation of the law, e.g., a book). 

· To avoid charges of plagiarism and failure to cite sources, clearly cite and credit these sources. 

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