Up From Slavery

The assigned reading is uploaded, i have uploaded 6 chapters of it, read them all and use them for the research too, if you need more chapters please let me know and i will upload them. Each paper must be at least four full pages (this means the Works Cited page will be on page 5 or higher) The papers themselves must adhere to all rules for MLA format All research will be cited using MLA Documentation Works Cited page is the final page of the document and the heading is centered above the list The Works Cited lists contain ALL sources cited in the paper and none that are not Works Cited lists are in ALPHABETICAL ORDER Every idea or detail from any source will be properly cited internally through parenthetical citations that correspond with a work on the Works Cited page The papers will be based on work of literature (Up from Slavery) The chosen work must be from our course’s assigned readings ( Up from Slavery) Additional research beyond the primary source is required On all of the papers, any research conducted should be academic in nature Secondary/Tertiary source requirements: At least three substantive, reputable secondary sources Tertiary/reference sources as/if needed Types of sources: Primary The actual work of literature Secondary Essays, books, or even films that offer professional analysis of the work of literature Tertiary Biographical or historical research; factual research from reference sources like dictionaries or encyclopedias.

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