Usability statistics

Usability statistics 

Paper details Introduction From time to time, Governments commission the collection of data, and then make this data publicly available. The Victorian Government has released data which is available from this site: During National Science Week, from 13 to 21 August 2011, the ABC Science Online hosted a citizen science project that provided an opportunity for citizens to participate in research being undertaken by Australian researchers. science In 2011, the science research topic was multi-tasking and the Victorian Government Department of State Development, Business and Innovation (DSDBI) was offered the opportunity to frame a series of questions around Australians’ interest and engagement with science to add to the ABC survey. The data is old, and the questionnaire is missing, however a spreadsheet can be downloaded from: science/resource/dc730e2d-f6af-47c9-844c-9cd6299ffb8e Your task is to study the data and write a summary report about it. The report needs to answer the following two research questions: • Q1: We are interested in the demographics of the people in Australia who are most interested in Science. Can you find where they live, which age group do they belong and what is their gender? • Q2: we would like you to consider those who have an education in Science and find out whether or not they are employed in a Science-based job.

Data Analysis Your task is to analyse the quantitative and qualitative data provided and write a report with your findings. You may use any tools you like for the analysis: Excel, SPSS, R, scripting languages, web-based tools such as the on-line Adjusted Wald calculator, etc. Requirements for Data Analysis The data has already been cleaned and encoded (although you may find some issues or wish to encode things, or re-organise the data for analysis, in which case you should document what you have chosen to do). For your research you will need to: 1. Make decisions regarding missing or mismatched data, if relevant; 2. Identify the areas of interest in the survey. Calculate descriptive statistics on at least 1 data field or record; 3. Quantitatively and qualitatively analyse the survey responses, sort and summarise them. 4. Quantitatively and qualitatively analyse the data to answer (at least) one other research question that you want to answer from the data (for example, how important is it for the participants to lobby their politicians about Science?) 5. For maximum marks, include at least two other research questions of your choice involving the data. Requirements for Your Report You will need to: 1. describewhatyoudidtocleanandencodethedata(ifanything) 2. state your decisions regarding missing data or mismatched data 3. state your decisions regarding the choice of statistical analysis techniques and parameters (eg. method of calculating confidence intervals, confidence level) 4. report descriptive statistics about the data 5. report on the analysis of your questions 6. include appropriate graphs and data summaries in your report 7. summarisetheresults 8. clearly state any limitations relating to the results 9. clearly separate observations from conclusions 10.critically evaluate the experiment/survey. Report Presentation To achieve maximum marks your work must fulfil these criteria: ● Have good use of layout and space. ● Be a professional report using appropriate language. ● Have sensible colours, fonts, and sizes. ● Be a maximum of FOUR pages long (excluding graphs and appendices). There will be a penalty for excessively long reports. You may choose an academic paper format (eg. IEEE) or an industry report layout.

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