use the relevant Quranic verses and books – Get an Orginal Paper (

Please write about one of the following questions. The length is between 4-5 Let’s Help with this paper ( s and double-spaced. Make an argument and use the relevant Quranic verses and books or academic articles to support it. You should use the Quranic translation and other readings available on iLearn and the other reliable materials available at our Rivera Library. Use at least two reliable sources apart from the Quran. Please do not use Wikipedias entries as your primary sources. The paper will be evaluated in its comprehension of materials, clarity of presentation, sophistication of argument and writing etiquette (See the Evaluation Sheet below). You will get a maximum of 30 points for this paper or 15 % of the total grade. Please select one of the following questions for you to write: How does the Quran describe the angels, their nature and functions? Why?

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