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  1. The term personalization means presenting information (for example on a Web page) based on what you know about a user. Each user can get different info.
  2. In addition to our genetic connections, we are also connected by the social interactions we have with each other. The network of your social interconnections is your social network.
  3. A network is a collection of connected nodes.
  4. A node is a specific term meaning one unit or part of a network–in a social network, each person is one.
  5. The Social Graph is a picture of how you are connected to other people you know, and how they are connected to each other (if they are). On Facebook, it shows the connections between your Facebook friends.
  6. In social network terminology, a hub is a node with a lot of other connections. The way we interpret this in real life is that they know lots of people and are at the center of many social interactions.
  7. An isolate is a node connected to a group of people by only one other person; on the fringe of the group
  8. In a symmetrical relationship, both people in a relationship are connected to each other in the same way (i.e., both are cousins or brothers-in-law to each other).
  9. In an asymmetrical relationship, A is related to B in one way, but B’s relationship to A is different (i.e., father and son). The type of relationship it is depends on the perspective from which you look at it.

By now you should be pretty familiar with the vocab words of this module. So, you should be able to use them properly and creatively

  1. Read over the vocabulary words one more time
  2. Compose and type in a story that shows you really understand each of the words
    • Be creative but be sure what you type shows you understand (not just can type) the words
    • Use all the vocabulary words
    • Type them exactly as they are typed above (same pluralization, capitalization, tense, etc.)

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