Your task is to use your understanding of blockchain to produce a 1-2 page-long research report on EOSIO software.

Your report should be able to give any investor a quick overview of the project, covering the potential risks, benefits, and any relevant circumstances concerning the project’s success. The report should be clear, focused, and provide a compelling argument as to the claims made therein. Based on your preliminary report, an investor should be able to quickly decide whether to further investigate this project or not.

Your report should explain the following aspects of the project:

A basic overview of the project, including its development and key features.

The economic model of the project, such as the types of markets it could disrupt, potential revenue streams, and whether it makes sense for adoption by business (now or in the future).

Any significant challenges you think the project may face, such as adoption or scalability.

Your report should include rationale and sources for these points. One resource that may be of use is From the homepage, you can scroll down and click on a project. From there you can click on the link to their website and start to learn more about this project, being sure to take note of the project’s whitepaper.

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