Before beginning the pre-writing, download the “Biblical Worldview Paper Instructions” document from the Assignments page in Blackboard.  Read the rationale for the full paper assignment.  For the pre-writing, write three 100-word paragraphs (300 words total). 

Paragraph 1: Using chapters 2-3 of the Graham (2009) textbook Teaching Redemptively, write a 100-word paragraph relating the key elements of a biblical worldview.  For this paragraph, focus strictly on discussing the core tenets of a biblical worldview.  Avoid references to education in this paragraph.  Although you may or may not embrace the ideas you are writing about, present them objectively as you would in a report about what others believe.  The intent of this paragraph is not for it to be a personal position paper or a critique of ideas.  Later in the term, you will have an opportunity to write your own personal philosophy paper, but this assignment is not it.  Therefore, avoid first-person pronouns.     

Paragraph 2: For this 100-word paragraph, use at least one reference of your choice.  You may use the Graham textbook, a source from the Blackboard “Biblical Worldview Paper Instructions,” or another source of your choosing.  The first paragraph was a report on the main tenets of a biblical worldview.  This second paragraph will be an objective statement on the topic of Christian philosophy of education.  In this paragraph, convey a basic understanding of key elements of an educational philosophy that is based distinctively on a perspective drawn from Judeo-Christian scriptures.  Address issues of meaning, purpose, and values.  Do not discuss the practical application to the instructional process; that will come in the third paragraph.  A common error is for writers to neglect the discussion of a Christian philosophy of education by focusing too much on the implications for educational practice, which will be addressed in the third paragraph.  

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