1. Utilize SQL for data definition, data manipulation and data control
The purpose of this assignment is to help you learn Structured Query Language and database design.
This assignment tests your SQL skills. You will work with MySql and write a variety of queries in
relation to the Data Definition Language (DDL) and the Data Manipulation Language (DML).
Each student is expected to complete this assignment on their own, this is not a group assignment.
Before you begin this assignment, you should have completed:
Reading chapters 7 & 8 of the textbook
Completed all required Moodle (Course) activities from Weeks 8 to 11
You should have covered all materials and labs on SQL and MySQL
Assessment Overview
Based on Temporary Employment’ s(TE) ERD diagram you have been tasked with creating a database
that will capture the basic structure given in the ERD. TE also require some reports for strategic
decision making and improving efficiency of daily operations. To achieve this you are required to:
Use DDL to create the table structures and populate them.
Use DML to create queries that will facilitate extraction and presentation of required

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