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Title:Vacation Abroad General Purpose:To inform Specific Purpose:To inform my audience about the pre-planning on going vacation abroad Central Idea:The pre-planning on going vacation abroad such as preparing travel documents, acquiring knowledge and ensuring safety are some important factors which one needs to consider. Introduction IMovie clip III like to go for a vacation and always wish to go when I feel that I need to get rid of work hassle.

IIIThere was one day when I woke up from sleep, I felt like taking a break and wanted to go out of Malaysia AAt that moment, I grabbed my bag and headed to Bangkok without planning and thinking about the vacation on the day before BI took things so easy without doing pre planning and ended up in a disappointment IVI work in airline Industry which gave a lot of opportunity to travel abroad and require me to know more about the international travel industry and how to plan the proper vacation. VEveryone dreams to go for a vacation abroad.

However, it is a must to take a little effort to do the study prior to the traveling abroad AAvoid from having trouble at people’s country and turn the vacation unfavourable BEnsure all requirements and arrangement are done beforehand VIAfter all, the presentation is about the pre planning of vacation abroad such as preparing travel document, acquiring travel knowledge and ensuring safety. Body ITravel document is the utmost important item that people need to check as per the requirement of the country that the person wish to visit.

AIt is very important for you to check the details on your tickets. 1Always remember to check your travel dates and also the time of departure aIf flight time is after midnight, e. g. 12. 30a. m. 4th April 2008, make sure to arrive the airport at 10. 30p. m. on the 3rd April 2008, which was yesterday, the day before the departure date bMAB in 2009 reported that 20% of the passengers missed their flight due to this reason. BAnother important document the visa Few important things about getting a visa such as the duration taken to get visa, validity of visa, type of visa and also amount of payment aSome country are very strict in granting visa to Malaysia such as USA. They require a few weeks to give approval. This is to avoid that no one is trying to migrate to USA to become an illegal immigrant bCertain country that has special requirements such as Saudi Arabia which will not produce a visa for call the person for interviews and ask to prove the person’s woman if they travel alone without their ‘muhrim’! CChecking the passport International requirement requires a passport to have a minimum of 6 months validity from the date of travel aIf the passport expires on 31st December 2008, the person is unable to travel after 1st July 2008 even though the visa to travel to that particular country has been obtained IIAcquiring knowledge is the second factor of pre planning the vacation abroad AKnowledge about food 1Preference and type of food that familiar to our taste aChinese wants to have Chine food, Indian would prefer curry and the Malay would need Malay food and must be halal as well b. A study that was onducted by Muslim Travel Association stated that……. 2Many countries do not allow ANY food to be taken into the countries and they are very strict about it aIn Australia and New Zealand, luggage will be sniffed by a specially trained dog. This dog will be on the luggage conveyor belt at the airport arrival halls bIn addition, the passenger is required to declare the food to the baggage inspector, failing which the person will be given hefty fine if found to bring food into the country 3Halal food has always been a big issue for Muslim travelers aAll the time, Muslim travelers have to resort to eat seafood.

However, halal restaurants or shops selling halal food can be found located in a certain district such as Itawon in Seoul, Marble Arch in London, Tsim Tsa Shui in Hong Kong etc BKnowledge about exchange rate 1Some countries do not have cent, such as Indonesia and Italy. This would mean that their money would be very big in term of numbers 2According to the latest money exchange published by the bank, e. g. RM1 = Indonesia Rupiah 2885 = Italy Lira 388 CKnowledge about weather and its suitable outfit 1Temperate country is also known as the four season countries require the traveler to dress for the right season and weather During winter, our normal Malaysian sweater would definitely inadequate for temperature which has reached below 10? C DKnowledge about transportation 1Foreign land has always been a challenge by itself with an unfamiliar environment and the new landscape aCongested road, particularly during weekends and holidays bAccording to the Travel Industry Association, 88% of leisure travel happen by car and it leads to a big line of traffic 2The car rental having the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car such as in USA and some of the European countries Driving left hand drive car is a must 3Airport shuttle buses, taxis and public transport would be better alternatives to arrive at the destination EKnowledge about electrical specification 1Ensure the electrical product brought from home matches specification of the voltage in that particular country aIn USA, the voltage is only 110V so it doesn’t match with the Malaysian voltage which is 240V bThis would mean that Malaysian electrical appliances won’t be able to be used in USA unless they are dual voltage type. Other alternative is to buy universal plug adaptor as a preparation

IIIEnsuring safety is the third factor that traveler needs to plan before leaving the country for a vacation AEnsure about home safety and security 1Stop the newspapers aThe arrangement to stop the delivery of newspaper must be arranged during the time away so that nobody can indicate that there is nobody at home except trusted neighbours bPDRM has reported that 98% of crimes reported are related to properties, that is burglary and breaks-in 2Car keys should not be left inside the house aWhen the burglar enters the house, he would probably steal the car as well bAgain, PDRM has reported that stealing cars are the highest percentage i. . 98%, similar to house breaks-in. BEnsure to bring enough stock of medicine 1Those traveling to Western countries have to make sure that sufficient medicine has been brought for the entire travel duration aWestern countries are very strict in dispensing medicine over the counter (pharmacies). Medicine without any prescription from the doctor is not allowed bMost Western countries doctors do not dispense medicine to the patient but it is the job of pharmacist cAs reported in Travel. com, a 7 year-old girl, Tania, rom Russia, who had asthma attacked while on vacation with her family……… CEnsure to keep the important numbers 1Ensure to keep all emergency numbers such as nearest Malaysian Embassy, airlines credit card hotline and medical emergency number 2Different countries do have different emergency numbers and also prefix numbers to dial back to your home country, e. g. 999, 911 and so on aWhen need to make international call back home, dial 00603xxxxxx, but some countries require the person to dial 001603xxxxx. Record all information because it could be useful during emergency

Conclusion I. Going vacation abroad is everyone’s dreams because going abroad more a less can give more experience and exposure in life II. The time during the vacation abroad is likely to go quickly and the person will be on plane home before he realizes it III. However, all the eagerness to go for a vacation abroad must be completed with little planning or preparation before leaving the country IV. The pre planning such as preparing travel document, acquiring knowledge of traveling and less but not least ensuring safety. BIBLIOGRAPHY APPENDIX

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