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Vacation in Paradise: The Hawaiian Islands One favorite vacation spot is the Hawaiian Islands. The Hawaiian Islands offer a rich and varied environment with many marvelous and amazing features. One may see pristine beaches bordered by clear blue waters, snow capped mountains, volcanoes and their lava flows, tropical forests and beautiful waterfalls. It is the very essence of paradise punctuated with fresh fruit and umbrella garnished cocktails far removed from my everyday routine.

Oahu, Hawaii and Maui are the islands most frequented by visitors and the three largest islands in the state. The Oahu, the main island, is where most people come when heading to Hawaii. It is home to the state’s capitol city Honolulu, and where seventy-five percent of all of the state’s inhabitants reside. It is also home to some of the top beaches not only of the state but the world. The world famous Waikiki Beach, near the zoo and home to many of hotels is where most people destined to Hawaii tend to stay, it was a also a retreat for Hawaiian Royalty in the 1880s.

There are nine top beaches on the island which includes Hanauma Bay, Waikiki Beach, Kailua Beach, Lanikai Beach, Waimanalo Beach, Ala Moana Beach, Sunset Beach, Waimea Bay and Sandy Beach. All of these beaches feature clear blue water and fine sands a perfect accent to any paradise, with ample palm and coconut trees providing shade from the sun. There are many other attractions that one can see when visiting the island, The USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor is a popular attraction as well as the Dole Pineapple plantation in the middle of the island.

Hawaii’s big island is a favorite, seeing the lava flow at Kilauea volcano in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is simply amazing. Being able to observe the process that led to the formation of the islands is truly remarkable. Also visiting Mauna Kea, which is the world’s tallest mountain (as measured from the ocean floor). Mauna Kea’s snow capped peak and perilous winds are another reminder of the power of nature. The Hilo side of the island is wet and tropical with large and interesting plants and foliage.

It rains on this side of the island far more than the dry side on the Kona coast, some of the most amazing waterfalls, such as the Akaka Falls, can be found on the Hilo side of the island. One may also drive to Ka Lae also known as South Point; this is the southernmost point of the island and therefore the southernmost point of the United States. Ka Lae is also has one of the longest archaeological records on the islands. Maui a favorite place for couples and newlyweds is an island possessing a wide variety of landscapes and topography.

One favorite trek is a drive on the Hana Highway which runs along the east coast of the island. This remarkable highway curves around many mountains, black sand beaches, waterfalls and travels through lush rain forests. The road is very narrow in some places only allowing one car at a time to pass. One of visitor’s favorite spots is the Ohe’o Gulch or Seven Sacred Pools, which is a series of waterfalls and pools located within the Haleakala National Park, renowned for its beauty it is a popular spot for photographs. Many may remember this island as the home of the “Magnum P.

I” series popular in the early 80’s. Hawaii and the islands of Oahu, Hawaii and Maui offer a place like no other in the United States or the world. It is truly a paradise, offering something for every. The natural beauty and rich features of the island truly make one believe they are in paradise. The author highly recommends that if you’ve never been to Hawaii, to please make sure that you visit. Works Cited “Hawaii (island) -. ” Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 28 July 2009 . “Maui-. ”Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 28 July 2008 . “Oahu -. ” Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 28 July 2009 .

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