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Position From The Bridge Critique Essay, Research Paper

Arthur Miller s A Position from the Bridge is a modern calamity set in 1950 s Brooklyn about a adult male s compulsion with his niece, and what that compulsion finally brings about. Eddie Carbone, the supporter of the drama besides happens to be the adversary, because he finally is contending against himself with his desires for his niece. I believe that this drama was really predictable from the start ; this is why I truly did non bask it all that much. A Position from the Bridge had some interesting parts but to me it was truly deadening and merely didn T travel anyplace.

To me this drama did non travel anyplace because I did care for any of the characters. The manner that Arthur Miller wrote this drama makes it difficult for you to care about any of the characters ; hence I besides do non care what happens to them. There is Eddie, who comes of every bit chesty to me ; he is the 1 that I disliked the most. I truly saw no point to his behaviour, if Miller had given us more of a ground as to why he had such strong feelings toward Catherine so at least we could hold learned what made him click, but as it is I can non see that. I see no intent for Alfieri ; I think that this drama could travel on merely fine without him. I do see the demand for a storyteller, but I don t think that Alfieri should hold been included in the drama itself, I believe this cheapens his place as the storyteller.

Beatrice and Catherine are two characters that I did non like all that much. I saw no practical intent for Beatrice in this drama, she had no consequence on this drama at all. I would hold liked the Beatrice character a little more had she had more of an impact in the drama. The Catherine character was sympathetic but I believe that she is a large ground why Eddie self-destructs.

The manner that Rodolpho acted made me non care about his destiny. I do believe that Eddie was at least portion right when he said that Marco was merely looking to acquire married to go a citizen. I think that portion of Rodolpho loved Catherine, while another portion loved the thought of going a citizen. Besides the Rodolpho character was a small excessively perfect for me with his blond hair and vocalizing and dance. I think that Miller was forcing a small excessively much when making this character.

Marco had no important action in the drama until the terminal. The Marco character is sympathetic to a point. I liked the manner that he carried himself throughout the drama, until he accuses Eddie of killing his kids. He was being a small excessively dramatic degree Fahrenheit

or my gustatory sensations, besides he truly had no cogent evidence that Eddie had turned them in. This incident makes me dislike him some, but he was working for his household, which made him easier to wish than Rodolpho. Overall I had by and large bad feelings towards most of the characters in this drama, that contributed to me non wishing it all that much.

Having merely two Acts of the Apostless, the construction of this drama is rather simple. In the first act Eddie tries to forestall Catherine and Rodolpho from falling in love. In the 2nd act Eddie finds that he has failed at this, and thinks his best class of action would to name the INS and study Marco and Rodolpho. This is the action that finally set in class the concluding set of events. This drama is one of simple format, and that allows you to follow along really easy the events within the drama.

I believe that this drama has non one but two flood tides, one for each act. In the first act the flood tide comes when Eddie decides to learn Rodolpho how to package, and he beats him up a little, so Marco picks the chair up over Eddie s caput and holds it like a arm, but gives him smile, this event is a precursor to what happens in the 2nd act. The flood tide of the 2nd act, and the chief flood tide of the drama comes when Marco confronts Eddie, and Eddie is fatally stabbed by Marco with his ain knife. The manner that Miller sets this up with two flood tides is done really good, and is one of the high-points of this full work.

One thing that I noticed throughout this full drama is Miller s usage of symbolism. There are many musca volitanss in this drama that have symbolism in them. The most obvious of class is Eddie acquiring killed by Marco with the knife still in his custodies. This is doubtless a symbol of his ain suicide. Another piece of symbolism located in the text is when Marco holds the chair over Eddie s caput ; this symbolizes the devastation that Eddie will convey on himself subsequently in the drama. There are many pieces of symbolism located throughout the drama, but the 1 that I believe to be most of import is when Rodlpho dances with Catherine, typifying him taking Catherine from Eddie.

Overall I would state that this drama was mean at best. The events in characters in this drama were merely a small excessively convenient for me. I have read some of Miller s other dramas such as The Crucible and Death of a Salesman ; I believe this drama to be below those criterions. However I besides saw those dramas on the phase, possibly if I saw A Position from the Bridge on phase, I would acquire a different position of it.

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