For your assignment you are to explore the specific issue raised in your chosen topic from the list blow. To build a convincing argument you will blend visual analysis of one or more artworks— describing what you observe with a high level of specificity and using art-historical vocabulary where appropriate—with art-historical and contextual information gleaned from secondary research. Students must use a minimum of five academic sources to craft their essay. Appropriate academic sources include academic journal articles, scholarly books and edited volumes by academic or university presses, and entries or essays in exhibition catalogues. Academic research databases such as JSTOR or Oxford Art Online (including the Grove Dictionary of Art Online) accessible through the OCADU Dorothy H. Hoover website may be used freely. As art-historical essays, your papers will require a combination of visual analysis, art-historical and contextual research, and comparison to one or more well-chosen works of art, if appropriate. The finished paper will provide a rich, thoughtful discussion of your selected topic. 

Attendance at lecture on Tuesday, November 27 remains mandatory. Topics: The National Gallery in London recently acquired a newly-uncovered painting by Artemisia Gentileschi, Self-Portrait as St. Catherine of Alexandria, 1614-16(?) for the tidy sum of £3.6 million. Contextualize the painting among Gentileschi’s other self-portraits. Hint: Raphael painted a revolutionary image of St. Catherine of Alexandria in 1507, which is also housed in the NG’s collections. There is little to no scholarship published on the National Gallery’s new acquisition, so there is no proof that this is the prototype for the work…it is merely one contender. 

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