choose one of the options above. option1:This option is meant to give you a chance to go out into the world, find a place that you can visit as a kind of “wilderness” place, spend some time, look for the stories being told about it right now, consider its history, and consider what it feels like to be there as a person with your cultural/national history, along with your identity (eg., racial/gender/national/(dis)ability, etc.). option2:you may analyze a specific popular culture representation of a specific and actual “American wilderness” place. The representation can be visual (e.g., film, video: e.g., Free Solo, Into the Wild, 127 Hours, Wild, etc.), written (e.g., short story, journalism, travel writing, [magazines such as Outside and Adventure Journal are good places to look for journalism about “wilderness” and travel], science journalism, etc.), or both visual and written (e.g., national park website). Regardless, it must represent one specific and actual “American wilderness” place.

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