Please watch the film “Mean Girls” (the original starring Lindsay Lohan) and refer to the text on Chapters 5 and 6. This film assignment is worth 100 points. For this assignment you are required to answer the following questions in paragraph format. Please make sure you use a lot of detail and use scenes as examples to support your statements. You are required to refer to the characters by their names in the film. I expect specific details to be used in your answers. Students who describe scenes using “that guy” or other loose details will be marked down. Take notes while you watch the film to aid you with using detail. In order to get full credit you MUST cover all points discussed in the questions below and refer to characters by their name in the film and scenes specifically. Please use examples from the film to prove your points and make sure you define the terminology in YOUR OWN words. Please do not copy and paste material from the textbook. Remember this is not a review of the film and your opinion regarding the film is not necessary. Please write in third person perspective and not first person Questions to consider while watching the film: 1. How does Marxist theory apply? Think about how the popular girls in the film (Regina George & her followers) oppress the characters that are considered “losers” or less popular. What would Marx say about the unpopular group (proletariat)? Do they revolt? Why or why not? 2. How does social interaction at the high school lead to phenomena such as groupthink? 3. How do the popular and unpopular groups in the film define their social reality differently? Discuss the elements of social structure such as status (achieved and ascribed), social roles, role conflict, and role strain. 4. Think about the in-groups and the out-groups in the film. How does the out-group experience alienation. 5. How does the Iron Law of Oligarchy apply? How does Regina George and her minions maintain their strong leadership?

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