I’m working on a Law question and need guidance to help me study.

1) https://www.ncsc.org/information-and-resources/resource-centers/resource-centers-items/opioids-and-the-courts

First, make sure you watch the video in this week’s module about courts and the opiod crisis. Watch the video and read the short article on the same page as the video link.

What do opiods have to do with the state courts? How has the opiod crisis affected state courts?

Tell me one more thing you learned from the video or the article.

2) https://newsroom.courts.ca.gov/news/2019-state-of-the-judiciary-address

After watching the video in our module this week about the California Judiciary, answer the following questions: (you can watch the speech, and down below the video, you can read along as well.)

How many judges did Governor Brown appoint in his final year in office?

What was the racial and gender make-up of his appointees?

What is Access 3D? Briefly describe it’s 3 parts.

The Judge says there are 4 challenges faced by the California Judicial System.

Choose one of those challenges and describe why it’s important. Give us one idea of how CA can face that challenge.

Then respond to another student who chose a different challenge to discuss. Tell us one additional way that the challenge they discussed can be addressed (your own idea).