water pollution laboratory investigations report

 Nutrient pollution is the main cause of eutrophication of water bodies. On a global scale, eutrophication has often been cited as the major cause of impairment of surface water resources. While eutrophication is always cited as an effect of anthropogenic pollution (i.e.: wastewater effluents, agricultural and urban run-off) of inland waters (lakes, rivers and streams), it can also affect coastal waters and estuaries. The EU water framework directive include some directives aimed to address nutrient pollution coming from point (wastewater effluents) and non-point (agricultural and urban run-off) sources. Your consultancy company has been contracted by the Environment Agency to collect water quality data (nutrients) to help them understand how East Sussex area is performing in terms of addressing nutrient pollution of their water bodies. You have been allocated part of the water the catchment area (including drinking water sources and one wastewater treatment plant) and are required to submit a report that sets out the following: The main issues/problems arising from nutrient pollution/ eutrophication; some basic definitions; regulations/legislation, standards/limits/recommendations set by legislation. A brief description of the area being monitored; A brief description of the methods applied; Results of monitoring local environmental quality in the area – this includes primary data collected from laboratory investigations on water quality; Evaluation of how the data collected compares against regulatory/legislative standards and/or to similar data found in the literature; Limitations of the applied methodology; Recommendations to the Environment Agency on how local environmental quality could be improved including case studies/examples of good practice adopted in other areas. Whilst you will undertake the laboratory investigations as a group you are required to write an individual consultancy report of 1,500 words and include a reference list.

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