I need an explanation for this English question to help me study.

First, ensure that you have watched the video lectures on text-based writing and CER as well as the short reading on finding an author’s purpose. This DB cannot be completed without having done this.

Then carefully read the three assigned articles by Lahey, Marte, and Thomsen. The intent of this DB is to practice critical reading and understanding in the articles. Careful and critical reading is the key to effective writing.

For this DB, you have been randomly assigned another group. In your group, there are five people. There are five tasks—one for each individual. The first person to post gets first pick of their task. The second person can then pick from the other three choices, and so on. Make sure each part is completed in your group in this collaborative activity.

For your section, compose an answer that is one paragraph in length. Make sure you are detailed and clear. Your response should be about 5-7 sentences in length. Use academic writing (e.g. no contractions or slang) that is well-edited (e.g. free from capitalization errors, no missing words or misspellings, etc.). Use MLA format for citations.

Task Options:

  1. What is the main claim, or stance, of Lahey’s article? What are the key reasons the author provides to support her overall claim?
  2. Focus on Lahey’s evidence. What kind of evidence does she use? How would you describe it? Is it effective in supporting her claims?
  3. What is the main claim of Thomsen’s article? What are some of the key reasons the writer provides to support his overall claim?
  4. Focus on Thomsen’s evidence. What kind of evidence does he use? How would you describe it? Is it effective in supporting his claims?
  5. Marte references one specific research study. What did it find? What is the purpose of Marte’s article? Is this the same purpose or different from Lahey and Thomsen?

Be sure to title your post with the name of your question.