This week, you will write an annotated bibliography using peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles. To begin, you will want to select a body-focused, behavioral, sexual dysfunction, or gender dysphoria disorder. When you select your disorder, be specific. For example, you want to select a specific disorder located within one of these categories. For example, pica is located within a body-focused disorder. Once you have your specific disorder, conduct your research for five peer-reviewed scholarly articles, being sure to identify areas of diversity (age, race, etc.). Look for differing viewpoints in the research and discussions.

The annotated bibliography format should follow a complete APA reference citation followed by: A brief synopsis of the content. A statement of the relevance. A description of the purpose of the study, method, and key results for research articles. A description of the three to four most significant points for literature articles. Do not use direct quotes—the annotations should be written in your own words. You do not need to use in-text (parenthetical) citations in your paragraph because it is assumed that everything is from the named reference. Your annotated bibliography does not need to be lengthy, but it does need to be informative and useful. Length: 2-3 pages References: Include a minimum of five peer-reviewed scholarly articles

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