Wellbeing – Singapore’s disease burden

Singapore’s disease burden includes hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes, and obesity, and illnesses related to daily smoking (i.e. colorectal cancer). Other areas of health concern in Singapore include communicable and non-communicable diseases, mental health (ie youth suicide), substance abuse (ie glue sniffing), and myopia in school children. Choose one of these conditions and propose EITHER: a new wellbeing-based health promotion plan OR improvements to a current health promotion campaign that will target the condition allowing Singaporeans to manage their health in relation to the condition (whether through prevention, symptom management, or symptom reduction). Word count is 1,500 words (+/- 10%) Your proposal needs to be presented using academic writing conventions (third-person point of view, correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and word choice) and include the following areas: 1) Explanation and definition of the health priority, within constructs of wellbeing 2) The relevance of the topic to current health priority areas in a specific context 3) The target group for the health priority focus and reasons for focussing on this group. 4) Overview of the key debates and issues around their topic 5) Health determinants of this issue, including the risk factors 6) How the dimensions/elements of wellbeing are affected. 7) Suggestions and discussion around health promotion actions and strategies with examples to address the issue to improve health outcomes for stakeholders. 8)Application of the five areas of the Ottawa Charter (how they apply/link with your topic and promotion) 9)Critical analysis of relevant research and literature to support the need for increased health promotion in their chosen area (required 8 credible resources, primary source would be preferred). 10) Application of McNaught Framework. 11) Applicartion of Erikson’s eight stages of psychosocial development Theory for the age group selected. This proposal can be presented in either essay or report format and must use APA 6th edition referencing. Would appreciate if the topic could be on young people suicide/mental health

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