What change theory will you use to serve as a framework for developing your project?


What change theory will you use to serve as a framework for developing your project?




Goals and Objectives: What is the overall goal of your project? Objectives should state what you

are going to do to accomplish the goal(s).

Goal: œTo decrease the risk and rate of hospital acquired infections by 10 percent in 90 days by

correcting issues related to current infection control practices.
1. Provide resources and educate staff about infection control measures and procedures.
2. Monitor staff adherence to infection control and provide feedback to staff.
3. Assess compliance for the use of safe infection control practices and compliance to

standard measures.

What change theory will you use to serve as a framework for developing your project?

We will be incorporating lippits Change Theory (project zen) as our framework for developing this


Discuss the rationale for this project.
The need for the study of this topic is important because it addresses the morbidity and mortality

of the elderly population with infections acquired at the hospital setting. This study will explore

the infection control in a hospital setting, safe infection control practices, and compliance to

standard measures.

Instructions for research paper LD
This project is about identifying a goal in the field of nursing that can be change for the better.
(these goals and objectives will be given to you)
The page for the overview will be mainly the introduction of the goal and objectives and explain

how this goals and objectives can be achieved by using a change theory and management concepts
follow instructions below.
Typed, double “spaced
APA 6th edition format.
No quotations (unless it is truly necessary)
This paper should be written in a standard 5 paragraph (or more) style essay

One page for the overview
PROJECT OVERVIEW. ( in order to do this overview you need to look at the articles and understand

the goal and objectives)
¢ This section identifies what the need/problem/issue is, your goals and objectives ( I will

be providing goal and objectives that can be integrated in the intro) what change theory (please

refer to the 3rd point in the instructions, it gives you the change theory name to be used) you

will use as a framework for your project, and discusses the rationale to be applied for goals and

¢ Described problem, issue, project, requiring change ( look at goals and obejctives)
¢ Described significance of problem, issue, activity requiring change
¢ Described factors to enhance achievement of identified change (example: what in your

research did you find that could inspire people to want to change the way they are delivering

¢ Described factors to detract from achievement of planned change (what would cause people to

not want to change how things are done?)
¢ Issues development and exploration -Clearly defines issue/problem
¢ Analyzes potential for success of planned change
LITERATURE REVIEW. 2 pages for literature review ( please mention only relevant information,

facts and cite it correctly according to apa)
¢ This section should summarize current research and literature related to the topic of your

¢ Provide Data to support significance (to support the goals)
¢ Evaluation and evidence of analysis and synthesis of scholarly information
¢ Assessed interdisciplinary literature to derive a solution

1 page
¢ Explain every step of project zen (lippits change theory) and Discussed change theory and

its applicability to the goals and objectives
¢ Discussed management concepts like transactional and transformational theory used in

project and how they help in achieving goals and objectives
You can check this website:
Lippitt™s phases of change theory
as well as the power point to explain and describe project zen ( lippits change theory) or you can

do your own research.

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