For your final project, we’d like you to summarize what you’ve learned this quarter and write a 2 page (single spaced) paper. This paper will be a letter written to your future self and it should contain reminders of the ideas, values, perspectives and strategies you’ve learned this quarter and want to remember when you embark on your post-UW career.

Prompts for this letter might include:

What did you hear this quarter that changed your perspective on what constitutes “education” or learning?

Did anything change your perspective on the ways and places teaching and learning take place?

How did the course impact your understanding of yourself and others?

Did the course change your commitment to diversity and/or education equity? In what ways have you expanded your understanding of human development and working with people of different ages? How did this course help you better understand the people, organizations and issues at play within communities? Did the class provide compelling reasons why it’s important to be an equitable partner with communities and how to achieve such partnerships? In summary, in what specific ways has the information presented re-envisioned education for you?

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