You will read the autobiography of Harriet Jacobs, a slave who described her experiences in the south. This book was written to convince Northerners of the horrors of slavery and to join the abolitionist cause.You will write a five-page paper that provides a historical analysis of Jacob’s work. An analysis requires you to judge the quality of the author’s argument. In the simplest terms possible: •Does Jacobs convince you that slavery was an abusive and violent instruction?oJacobs and other authors, fought against Southerners’ euphemistic view of slavery, especially the views of paternalism and the peculiar institution.You will write a FIVE PAGE (no more than) paper that answers the following questions:•Does Jacobs convince you that slavery is an abusive and violent institution?•What evidence does Jacobs use to prove that paternalism does not protect slaves?•Who was this written for Northerners or Southerners? •WHY? Is there any reason for you to doubt Jacobs description? Formatting:12 PT font Times New Roman – double-space

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