Respond to, add to, agree, or disagree to this post in 50 words or more. 

     What measures of central tendency or variation have you been reading about or listening to in the news today? For example, lately there have been numerous news reports on the mean price of gas or the median price of homes in a particular state, etc.  Is the measure you discuss in your post being used correctly?  Why or why not?

  Since I have been in the Cosmetology field ( Hair Stylist) for almost 13 years now, my eyes and ears seem to pick up quickly on news regarding employment. From previous salon gossip, two related articles were published ABC News printed an article from The Associated Press, Survey: US Companies Added 281,000 Jobs in June. We see and hear these headlines all the time. Employment is up, employment is down. Gas is Up, Gas is Down. This particular article was survey which focused on private employers by ADP a common payroll processor. Unfortunately, this only captured a small population for employment/unemployment. Here in Savannah, Gulfstream Aerospace, a major cooperation will be laying off 1200 workers nationwide but 1500 will be laid off by this summer. If jobs are created to end unemployment, we see why the unemployment rate is so high. This layoff is every summer since 2003, this is unbelievable news at Gulfstream Aerospace.

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