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Please provide a *very detailed* summary of these texts. I call it an annotated bib because the first paragraph should summarize the text and should be descriptive ( please include thesis statement/main argument, audience, methodology/theory, viewpoint) and the second should include an evaluation on how it connects to one or all of the keywords below…provide at least one direct quote (APA citation) to support this connection. All direct quotes should be cited with the Let’s Help with this paper (homeworkcorp.com/order) number.
*Keywords: biopower, biopolitics, necropolitics*
The readings:
(1) Dean Spade, from Normal Life. Chapter 2, “What’s Wrong With Rights?”
(2) Michel Foucault, from Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison (1975, English translation 1977) Read “The body of the condemned” from Part One: Torture”
(3) Michel Foucault The History of Sexuality: Volume 1 (1976, English translation 1978) Read “Part Five “Right of Death and Power over Life”
(4) Achille Mbembe, Necropolitics Read Chapter 3 “Necropolitics”

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