Topic: Why Do Democracies Not Fight Each Other and Why Are Transition to Democracy So Violence-Prone?

Assignment Questions: Duncan Hunter, Congressman from San Diego, argued last year that the United States should launch a preemptive military attack against North Korea. Given what you know about democracies and the conditions under which they are willing to start a war, how likely do you think it is that Donald Trump will follow Hunter’s advice? (Hint: in order to answer this well you need to explain what the likely repercussion to the U.S. would be for a preemptive strike, how this would affect President Trump’s ability to get re-elected, and to what degree Trump is likely to be influenced by this.) You are free to use whatever outside sources are available to answer the short-paper questions. Note, there are good and bad sources of information on the internet. You should be familiar with all of these sources and be reading extensively about a particular event before writing your memos. Memos must follow all conventions of attribution and notation. Quotes and paraphrasing must be explicitly cited.

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