why the giver is a great example of a utopia

Have you ever wondered about after getting up in the morning and never have to look in the mirror and do your hair or pick out an outfit good enough? Even have to worry about getting laid off and losing your home and possibly getting a divorce? Maybe even just knowing that no one will ever say anything mean to you or do anything to upset you, sounds pretty like a utopia don’t you think? That is why I think Jonas’s community is a utopia. One of the main reasons why I believe the giver is a utopia is because no one cares what they wear, they never have to worry about what anyone thinks because there are no attraction relationships.

For example they don’t get to choose their spouses; they are just giving to them. Another reason it doesn’t matter what you look like in Jonas’s Community is because you never have to dress up to go to work, you never have to dress up to go out with friends because they all wear the same thing. An example of this is when Jonas said “mirrors were rare in the community (…) but there was no real need for them” (21). This shows that people haven’t cared about what other people think about each other or even cared about what they think about themselves is so long that mirrors are rare.

Not only is never worrying about what you look like an example of a utopia but there are many more. Another main reason why I strongly believe that the giver is a utopia is because they never have to get stressed about finding a job and putting food on the table. All jobs are just handed to the people as best fit as possible. An example of this is when Jonas is given the job as the receiver of memory. “Jonas was identified as a possible receiver many years ago. There were no dreams of uncertainty (…) with his hands firmly on Jonas’s shoulders as he looked at him” (62).

In Jonas’s society no jobs require getting paid but everyone gets what they need if they work, so everyone works. Have you ever heard of a person lousing their job and saying they lost everything? That is because jobs are one of the most important things in life to have for most people. If jobs are that easy to get, I defiantly think haven a job given to you is a great characteristic of a utopia. My final reason is because everyone is kind to each other and treats everyone with respect, which leads to almost no wrong doing. Can you imagine a world with all kind people, no 911, no murders not even people saying mean hings? When someone does three serious bad things they are released because it is important in Jonas’s society that everyone is good. And when someone even comes in late to a class room they have to apologize to everyone. An example is when Asher comes in late he has to make a public announcement to say sorry. “Asher apologized and everyone forgave him” (14) as easy as that. Is Jonas’s community there are very strict rules about being nice but in the end it pays off because is leads to no sadness, no depression, everyone is content and happy. Always feeling safe, never have to worry, always feeling perfect.

All because of living in a perfect society just like a utopia. I believe that Jonas’s community is a utopia because even thinking about living in a place where everyone follows the rules, everyone is happy and content and no one is better than anyone else sounds like a perfect community. When living in a place like this it does require many rules and lack of knowledge about some things but aren’t very important. Like knowing about what an elephant is or what it’s like when it’s freezing cold. But who wants to know about things that make us sad? Jonas’s community is an excellent example of what the meaning of a utopia really is.

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