Description Instructions Write a review of a current exhibit or release of art and design. Follow the guidelines listed here. Actively engage in the work being reviewed: go to a gallery show, attend a newly released film, walk around one of the many new buildings populating a cityscape (in your town or a nearby city), go to a dealership and look at the newest models, analyze current advertising for a known product. Use your imagination and treat this project as an opportunity to engage in something current to your interests and major. Write down your observations. Gather as much outside information as possible to help you interpret and evaluate the work. Such information might include biographical information on the artist or designer, an artist’s statement or a company mission, and reviews of previous works by the same artist or designer. Your art review should include the following: an introduction with summary/description of the artwork and its venue a thesis statement that includes the artwork’s purpose or intention, and an evaluation of the success of the work in fulfilling its purpose or intention background information relevant to your interpretation and cited in MLA style description, analysis, and interpretation of at least three components or elements of the artwork that develop or support the thesis idea incorporation of at least two relevant and reputable research sources cited in MLA style with in-text citations and a Works Cited list body paragraphs structured in TEA style a conclusion that resolves the thesis idea

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