World War II and political change

1:Drawing from the chapters in this week’s reading and any outside knowledge you see fit, to what extent would you agree/disagree with the notion that US involvement in World War II helped set the stage for the Civil Rights Movement and why? Do you think the Civil Rights Movement would have come about when it did regardless of the war? What significant impact, if any, do you think the war had on race relations and racial dynamics in the US? In what ways did the war diminish racial differences? In what ways did it heighten them? And how do you see these affecting the later push for Civil Rights, if at all? 2: Some would argue that the documentary Who Killed Vincent Chin? is as much about our justice system in the US as it is about Chin’s murder per se—to what extent would you agree/disagree and why? Do you agree with the final verdict? Why/why not? And what do you think his case says about our court system—pros and/or cons? While justice is ideally blind in terms of equal application, do you think race and/or socioeconomic status continue to be factors in our justice system? If so, in what ways? And finally, what do you see as possible means, if any, of improving our justice system, particularly when it comes to issues of equal treatment under the law? How does this admittedly “old” movie still speak to our society today, especially in regards to how justice is applied?

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