Write a 1000-word business report in response to the provided case study. While most of the
material can be found in both the case and study notes, you will be required to do further research
in the topic area to broaden your knowledge. The topic in the case study relates to Business
Information Systems, Business Processes and how organisations use Business Information Systems
to achieve their strategic goals and objectives.
The aim of this assignment is to introduce you to the fundamental principles of Information Systems
in a business context, which serves as foundation for the rest of the course i.e. BBIS (Bachelor of
Information Systems). Information Systems are everywhere in business. You will not only use
systems in your future careers but will also need to understand what systems can do to improve a
business’s competitive advantage.
In this assignment, you will develop skills in reviewing a case, identifying key concepts within the
case that need to be addressed, researching these concepts, synthesising ideas about these concepts
and writing a business report which offers context-based recommendations. This will give you an
opportunity to develop work-ready skills in the process of researching, planning and writing a
business report.

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