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Write a 1,200-word paper about how Masculinity/Femininity and Uncertainty Avoidance affect you relating with people in German culture. Discuss how the cultural differences affect communication, motivation, and teamwork. In addition to Hofstede et al. (2010), use the Bible, and cite at least two other sources that support your discussion from the Include a short introduction and conclusion to the paper and a reference page. • Use the Hofstede Insights website software to compare the United States to German culture in all six dimensions. Graph the cultural dimensions using the software. Use a screen shot and post the picture to your document. • Describe the differences or similarities between the United States and Germany for the MAS and UAI dimensions. Are Germany and the US high, low, or near the middle? I like to think of them in quintiles: very high, moderately high, middle, moderately low, and very low. • Make your report professional looking!

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