Write a one page blog post on an emerging new technology

Write a one page blog post on an emerging new technology

Must contain a brief description and analysis of this new technology. Read below. Clrify if anything is unclear. Please read instructions…****Need originality*****will run the essay through turn-it-in. Thanks

The Blog is to be the equivalent of 1 typed page, single space.
It should be divided into 3 sections: Technology Summary, Critical Analysis and Reference(s). Identify each with the appropriate section heading.
A minimum 1 reference is required.
The technology should focus on ICT. It can be about a specific ICT technology or how ICT is impacting another field. It should not be on another technology unrelated to ICT.

More Info:
Pick a technology, write about it, summarize, and analyse..would you invest, submit one page. Analayze it very well. Goal is to get you to be critical thinkers of technology. Cost effective? Provide efficiencies? Replaces jobs? Moral basis or concerns?
Don’t care about formatting. Paste it. Due 1159pm on due date.
What is it? How does it work? Last couple years of leading technology. Eg RFID, proposal for “Sky Warehousing” etc. Be original

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